Surf School

The "surf" season starts from May till November. Surf Up!.

Surf School

Our experienced and patient instructors can get anyone up on a wave. We can teach anyone from ages 5 – 75. If you have always wanted to learn how to surf, this is the place to start.

Our lessons begin with understanding the aquatic and swim history of each new surfer. Safety is essential to a great day of surfing so we start with the basics before we even hit the water. Understanding the waves, weather conditions and respecting currents is a must. Then we start to practice standing up on the board. Once we get the hang of it, we get into the water and start on the small waves close to shore with your instructor right next to your board.

When you get that first little wave safely laying down on your board and feel the movement of the water, you’ll be hooked. Then we start moving you up on your knees and before you know it, you’re up and surfing.

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